Opal Spa & Nail Salon

Round Rock, TX 512-341-2633      10:00 am - 7:30 pm

Phone: 512-341-2633
Address: 4500 E Palm Valley Blvd Ste 110 Round Rock, TX 78665 (Google Map)

Opal Spa & Nail Salon Description

Opal Spa & Nail Salon is a nail salon located at 4500 E Palm Valley Blvd Ste 110 in Round Rock, TX. It has a 3.5 star rating.

Opal Spa & Nail Salon Hours

  • Sun  10:00 am - 7:30 pm
    Mon  10:00 am - 7:30 pm
    Tue  10:00 am - 7:30 pm
    Wed  10:00 am - 7:30 pm
    Thu  10:00 am - 7:30 pm
    Fri  10:00 am - 7:30 pm
    Sat  12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Opal Spa & Nail Salon Amenities

  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
  • Parking : Private Lot
  • Bike Parking : No
  • By Appointment Only : No

Opal Spa & Nail Salon Reviews

Mandy M. rated it

Round Rock, TX

9/8/2012: I'm typically very afraid of trying new nail salons because I got nail fungus from another salon which left a sour taste for me on nails.  A couple weeks ago, I got solar nails done on a whim while my husband was getting a hair cut at another place.  That place was okay but not great enough to make me drive back to Pflugerville for a fill.  So, I decided to try Opal Spa and Nails because it's very close to my house.  At about 4:55, I called to see what time they closed.  She asked me what I needed and how long it would take me to get there.  I told her a fill and maybe 5 minutes.  She said to come on over.  When I got there, I saw that they close at 5:30 so I thought it was very nice that they were willing to take me so close to closing.  When I walked in, she asked me if I was the woman that called and then I was seated at a station right away.  Tina asked me what I wanted and how I wanted them.  Everything looked really clean, they had little fume eliminating machines at the station, and she didn't rush through them like the other place.  She really did a great job.  Because I changed the color of my tips, it took her much longer than she probably expected.  She stayed an hour passed closing time to get them exactly how I wanted them.  I was a little nervous at first but Tina really did an excellent job. I only gave them 4 stars because it's my first visit and I don't want to judge based solely on that but I will be going back for my next fill.  I plan to change the tip color drastically so we'll see how she does with that.  If she knocks it out of the park, I'll definitely be changing it to a 5 star review!

Jen H. rated it

Round Rock, TX

2/22/2015: This place is under new ownership and they are going through some changes.  The threader is no longer there (her name was Tule... She has her own place in round rock off university Oaks if you are looking for her). They still offer all the other services.. When I was there i watched a customer ask the male nail tech to trim get cuticle 4 times and he refused.  She got upset and tried leaving when the female owner (his wife) asked for one more chance to make things right.  She finished up the job, customer left and they began bad mouthing the customer.  Their services are ok... average. .. Don't get a design because they aren't very good at those. ..

Jose A. rated it

Round Rock, TX

3/11/2015: (Reviewed by my wife) Do not come here ladies!!! I'm half Vietnamese but look Caucasian yet speak fluently in my native tongue.  I like trying out new places and not letting them know I speak it so I can see if they talk smack about their customers! This place not only talks about y'all, but they judge you, bet on guesses of how much money you make or what you will tip, call you names, and all done with a smile on their faces! I told them all everything I witnessed before I left and said I would let everyone know.

Shauna L. rated it

Round Rock, TX

9/16/2014: I got Toni, she was very friendly, my friend had another lady that never spoke a word to her, even to ask what type of pedicure she wanted.When we got there, I asked how long the wait was, because I only had a short time and would have been willing to go back later since I didn't call ahead for an appt.She said "5 minutes" and sat us in pedicure chairs, and it wasn't 5 minutes, it was at least 30, again I had already told them I was in a hurry and willing to come back later...so there was no reason to say 5 minutes.The pedicure wasn't great, nor very clean.... there is just to many other places to go back here

Jeanette I. rated it

Round Rock, TX

11/6/2013: I started coming here about 2 months ago.  This is a very nice salon, very well staffed, friendly and relatively inexpensive.  I have acrylic nails and always get the fill with gel polish.  They do excellent work and would highly recommend them.

Sheryl S. rated it

Anchorage, AK

9/29/2013: Needed a lip wax - ASAP. Called to check availability, showed up, was in and out in five minutes. Aesthetician was friendly, my only gripe is that she didn't close the door of the waxing room. Lip wax was only $5.50!

B C. rated it

Woodbridge, VA

4/2/2014: I have been here twice. I visit my children from out of state & went to this salon because it's the closest to my sons house. I have seen the same nail tech both times & she's terrible, doesn't even introduce herself or say her name. She was too busy trying to up sell services I didn't want. I have gel nails so needed a fill & toe nail polish change. My fill grew out noticeably in a week & around my nails my skin is dry from too much buffing. My nails are thick & misshapen. What a waste of money. I will drive a little further next trip to TX.

Dann A. rated it

Round Rock, TX

7/11/2013: I love this place! Tuli is the best ever and sure can shape a sexy eyebrow!

Mindy G. rated it

Oklahoma City, OK

11/16/2013: I walked in without an appointment on a Saturday, granted I knew I may have to wait or even come back another day. Not a single person greeted me, said hello or even asked if I needed help after standing at the counter for almost 10 minutes. Employees actually walked past me without making eye contact. For sure I'll never go back.

Melissa O. rated it

Round Rock, TX

3/23/2013: Anna is awesome! Everyone is very friendly! Best nail salon I've found in Round Rock. I love doing colored acrylic nails and they have a big variety.

Candi C. rated it

Round Rock, TX

1/5/2013: My dad and I got wax pedicures amazing!!!! These ladies are great!!!!

G V. rated it

Round Rock, TX

10/30/2012: I always walk-in for pedicures. Sure sometimes one sits idle for a while until they finish up with someone, but this is expected if you walk-in without an appointment. Its clean, employees are nice! Best pedicures: Tuli & the man (name ive never caught) are great!

Sally T. rated it

Round Rock, TX

10/31/2011: I used to go to this salon quite a bit because of the location. However the last few times I have been there have been less than stellar.  I walked in on a Sunday afternoon for a pedicure, was told it would be 15 minutes...after the 15 minutes I was shown to a spa chair and left there for 45 minutes without having anyone start.  If you are that understaffed you should left the customers know.  I walked out and will never walk back in.

Julie R. rated it

Round Rock, TX

12/2/2011: Wonderful local nail salon. I've been seeing Tuli for several years now and she is wonderful. I get horrible ingrowns on my toes and she is an expert at removing them.  The salon is clean and the tools are sterilized. Other salons I've gone to in Round Rock have given me infections, but that had never occurred at Opal Spa and Nails.

Dana J. rated it

Austin, TX

1/15/2012: Awful! I walked in, told it would just be a few minutes...15 minutes later, they still show no sign of attending to me. I'm about to walk out, and they put me to soak.  After another 15 minutes, the woman starts on my nails (I'm here to get a basic manicure, btw, and my eyebrows waxed).  After she starts my nails, she waxes my brows (and tells me how tired I looked, I really don't appreciate strangers telling me this, it doesn't sound nice).  Then we go back to do my nails, I'm then passed off to a younger girl (daughter?) who clearly isn't as  skilled. She slapping on my nail polish SO thick that I know it will take forever to dry.  TWICE  towards the end of my manicure, she left me to attend to other people, while the two other workers watched tv in the back.  It took almost 1.5 hours for a manicure and eyebrow wax.  That's crazy.  Finally, I leave, and sure enough, literally two hours later, my nail polish is still not dry and I can move it around on my nail, it comes off in clumps.  I ended up just taking off the polish.

Barbara E. rated it

Round Rock, TX

5/18/2012: Unlike a couple of other reviewers, I never "walk-in" but always make an appointment so i don't have issues with waiting.  Tule is excellent with nails and Tim is the master of pedicures.  I will never go anywhere else again!