Legends Salon

Round Rock, TX 512-388-2888      10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Phone: 512-388-2888
Web: legendssalonroundrock.com
Address: 3000 Joe DiMaggio Blvd Ste 35 Round Rock, TX 78665 (Google Map)

Legends Salon Description

Legends Salon is a nail salon located at 3000 Joe DiMaggio Blvd Ste 35 in Round Rock, TX. It has a 4.5 star rating.

Legends Salon Hours

  • Sun  Closed
    Mon  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Tue  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Wed  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Thu  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Fri  10:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Sat  Closed

Legends Salon Amenities

  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
  • Parking : Private Lot
  • Bike Parking : No
  • Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
  • Good for Kids : Yes
  • By Appointment Only : No
  • Hair Types Specialized In : Curly Hair, Coloring

Legends Salon Reviews

Jennifer M. rated it

Round Rock, TX

3/2/2015: Karen is amazing! She makes you feel comfortable and easy to talk to. Karen is a pro at what she does. You will not be disappointed coming out of the salon. She gave me great advice on what to use and not to use on my hair. She truly cares about every client she has. She did a awesome job on my hair. I am truly a very satisfied customer! Can't wait to see her again!!

Katryna W. rated it

Pflugerville, TX

11/4/2014: I recently saw Karen for the first time for a cut and color and let me just say that I'm never going to anyone else! It's been a long time since my hair has been cut properly, but Karen did not disappoint. I loved how the cut turned out, and I definitely love the color! She gave me a beautiful purple and recommended awesome products to use for my hair. She was also fast and kept me laughing. :) So if you're trying to find a new hairstylist, go see Karen and you'll never look back!

Jodi R. rated it

Hutto, TX

9/24/2014: If I could give this salon a 10 I would!  My blonde hair had been extremely overprocessed and mistreated over the past couple of years.   I really needed a miracle.  Well....I found her!!  Karen Simmons worked a miracle for sure.  My cotton candy, overprocessed, dry as hay locks are now soft and silky.   Thank you!!!  You are the bombdotcom KS

Amy R. rated it

Hutto, TX

10/9/2014 Updated review: So I decided to make a drastic change. I've had long hair for many years and decided to just throw caution to the wind and chop it off. I have to say I was nervous, but Linnea did an excellent job!! I'm so glad I found her. She listens to what you want and definitely delivers!! Thank you Linnea for being awesome!!!!

Piotr B. rated it

Littleton, CO

4/10/2014 Previous review: Wow! I just called trying to make an appointment and they said sorry they aren't accepting any new men clients.  Are you telling me all of your hairstylists are booked for the next whole month? I guess my money isn't good enough there.

Donna A. rated it

Cedar Park, TX

9/9/2014: I moved to Texas about 1 1/2 years ago and had a hard time finding a stylist/colorist.  After trying three different salons which only damaged my hair terribly, Karen Simmons at Legends Salon was recommended by a friend.   Karen took one look at  my hair and knew exactly how it "worked."  My hair is very thick and curly and has gotten darker over the years but I still prefer being a blonde.  She's been able to highlight and blend the color without damaging it.  As a matter of fact my hair has only gotten stronger and healthier since going to Karen.  I trust her immensely on all of her recommendations and know that I will be happy!Last week I got a Keratin Smoothing Treatment.  All I can say is WOW!  My hair has NEVER been so smooth and full of life!  I wash it and effortlessly blow dry it and it falls just the way I want it.  Its gone from kinky, frizzy and uncontrollable to smooth, flowing and, yup, my husband says sexy!  And the way it feels----OMG---I want to keep touching it!I've always dreaded having to get my hair cut and highlighted because of the time it takes out of my schedule but Karen makes it easy and I always look forward to my appointments.  Not only is she professional and talented but she's fun and keeps me laughing the whole time I'm there.  When my daughter was visiting from Pennsylvania at Christmas, Karen cut and threw in a few Caramel Highlights.  She did a great job and I know when my daughter visits again I'll be making her another appointment!Thanks, Karen!  You've definitely let me feel the "magic."

Britni O. rated it

Austin, TX

4/24/2014: I called Legends on a wham not expecting to be able to get in anytime soon because of the holidays and also my work hours are the same as the salons. I wanted Linnea specifically. When I called Linnea answered I told her what I wanted and my situation with my work schedule and she was very understanding and offered to come in on a Sunday to do my hair. Needless to say it was well worth it. She did an amazing job and was very friendly. Anyone that is willing to go above and beyond do for a new client will get my business any day.  It is just a perk that she has some true talent as well. THANK YOU!

Lauren B. rated it

Round Rock, TX

11/21/2014: Karen is the best hairstylist I have ever had. She truly listens to what you want. I have gotten so many complements since she started cutting my hair.  Karen is extremely professional and so friendly! Visit Legends salon and ask for Karen... you won't regret it!!

Tracy Q. rated it

Round Rock, TX

7/16/2014: So thought I would update my review... It's been almost 2 years since Jean has been doing my hair. She is great. I love my hair and my color is amazing. So happy I found a stylist that knows what they are doing!!!!

Shannon G. rated it

Taylor, TX

4/30/2014 Updated review: So I recently moved from South Austin, where I've lived for 14+ yrs, and needed a new stylist. I turned to Yelp of course and glad I did! I know it's just hair, and it grows back, etc, but trying a new stylist is always nerve wracking, am I right?!My husband called to make the appointment for me, because he's just awesome like that, and lucky for me Lauren had a cancellation that afternoon! I was warned that she is usually booked out 3-4 weeks so make your appointment now! :)Lauren was great, easy to talk to, and knew exactly what I was trying to say and how I wanted my hair to look. I've been going to the same stylist in S. Austin for years so I was worried she wouldn't "get it"... but she did a fantastic job! She was efficient but thorough... I really love that in a stylist. Bonus, this place is totally reasonable, price wise, it's clean, and all the staff I interacted with were super friendly.

Paige A. rated it

Hutto, TX

9/14/2012 Previous review: I found her on yelp and I can't say enough good things about Lauren! Today was my first time getting a cut in almost 2 years and she listened to exactly what I wanted. I am super picky about my length and she kept it just the way I like it. She is very friendly and made the whole experience super comfortable. I was in and out of the salon within an hour, and I have a lot of hair! Highly recommend!

Keli M. rated it

Round Rock, TX

8/19/2013: This is my 6th year getting my hair done by Lauren at Legends. My hair is fine and frizzy/wavy and naturally ashy/dirty blonde. yuk.  In the past several years my new growth has been increasingly more grey and harder to blend and cover. Lauren does a FANTASTIC job with my highlights and color. I go 8-12 weeks between visits and I am really the only person that notices the grey because she blends my lowlights and highlights so well. She is an exceptional colorist and a perfectionist when it comes to the haircut also. She always seems to know exactly what I need and want.  I love her!When people give me compliments on my hair, I always recommend Lauren.

Carrie R. rated it

Round Rock, TX

10/3/2014: I hate to even write a review about Lauren because more people will go to her.  But I've been going to her since the salon opened (even moved with her from another place to here).  She is absolutely wonderful, even does my daughter's hair (which is very thick and long--better hair than mine).  We've experienced my hair now for close to...however many years they've been around.  Now experiencing GRAY RESISTANT HAIR.  She is wonderful about figuring things out and working with my hair and keeping the color on.  Also on figuring out the right color for my facial tone and the right cut as I (sadly) get older.  However, she gets BOOKED, is rarely available for a brand new client (unless you call for 3-4 weeks in advance).  But once you get her, you will do what the rest of us do and book out several months at a time.  I have also had Karen do my hair once when Lauren was out, and I liked how she did my hair as well (and now she is getting busy too).  All of the stylists at Legend's are very good.  They now have four--Jean, Karen, Linnea, and of course Lauren--so any others you have seen mentioned are no longer there.  Go with reviews on these four.  They are busy and sometimes they have to deal with the phone, so give them a break.  Going here and getting your hair done is worth it.

Kim F. rated it

Round Rock, TX

10/24/2013: I've been seeing Jean for several years and always had a great experience.  She's on time and has never disappointed.  Jean does a fantastic job on my highlights.   Highly recommend Jean, she's awesome.

Sarah W. rated it

Austin, TX

5/13/2014: As a 7-year veteran of the brunette-in-a-box aisle at Walgreens, I am more than willing to say that I hate salons. They are usually intimidating and pretentious, and more often than not I've gone in for a trim and left needing Rogaine. I've been to Legends about 3 times now...and I love it. This salon is small, and I love that. It feels more like a home than a commercial property, and the overall atmosphere promotes a strong sense of relaxation and serenity- (One might even think they were hiding a yoga studio in the back somewhere).All of the hairdressers I have come across at this establishment are friendly and genuine and obviously experienced. Karen is awesome and has saved my poor head from certain death quite a few times. She has somehow managed to take me from jet-black-box-nightmare to a shade of blonde I wouldn't have thought possible, and that's impressive to say the least.If you're like me, experiencing this salon first-hand might make you question your life a little in the beginning: is hair supposed to be THIS soft? Are you really supposed to get the right shade/tint on the first try?? Are these.....compliments I am getting??? Can there even BE a world outside of the cosmetics department at Walgreens???? The answer is yes, my friends. And a beautiful world it is.

Erin M. rated it

Littleton, CO

9/3/2014: I've been back a few times now and just wanted to say my experience is still a very positive one with Legends Salon. I don't remember the fee's for the other times but this very last appointment I got an all over color, halo highlights and a trim and the total before tip was $125. I just can't say it enough, go to Legends Salon and ask for Linnea!!

Angela R. rated it

Round Rock, TX

10/22/2013: Karen did my hair the other day and she was amazing!! I gave her a few ideas of what I wanted and she went with it... I love love love my hair!! Karen is awesome! You can tell she loves what she does and makes everyone feel welcome! I'm definitely going back!!

Alli S. rated it

Round Rock, TX

5/14/2013 Updated review: I am not necessarily unhappy with the service, I just had higher expectations. When I called to make an appointment initially, I told them that I was a new client and I wanted a haircut, and possibly highlights. I made a point to say, "Can you add those notes to my appointment?"When I got there, I was greeted and got started pretty quickly with the cut. Then, part way through, I asked her about the highlights. She said there was nothing in the notes and that she had an appointment with a new client coming in 30 minutes. They were so concerned about this new client coming in next that they had forgotten I was a new client myself. I shouldn't have been treated that way. My money should be just as important as the next client. In the end, she asked me to leave and come back at a different time. Because I had the afternoon off, I agreed.By the time the highlights were finished during my second appointment, I was disappointed. What I wanted was not done to my hair. When I went back to work, my co-workers couldn't even tell I had highlights. So, needless to say, I scheduled a third appointment.The third appointment was successful, and they corrected the highlights. The moral of the story is: I asked for highlights and a haircut for ONE appointment, but it took THREE appointments to get it done. The ladies were friendly, but I did not feel like a valued customer at all, so I am doubtful that I will be returning. I was really hoping to make Legends Salon my salon of choice, and I just didn't feel like they wanted my business. I may try out a different salon in those office suites, and hopefully have better luck.

B C. rated it

Woodbridge, VA

12/27/2012 Previous review: I live in Northern VA & visit my children in Round Rock about 4 times a year.  This trip I felt like I needed a little freshening up & googled salons in RR & read the yelp reviews. I was lucky enough to get a last minute appointment with Lauren due to a cancelation.  Wow! Lauren did root color touch up, hi lites & a trim. My hair looks amazing. Not only is she a great stylist but she's easy to talk to & very upbeat.  She also gave me my formula so that my stylist at home can keep my look. I'll definitely be back every time I'm in RR!!! Love the salon & the staff too. Everyone is so friendly.

JC A. rated it

Round Rock, TX

12/16/2013: I went to Legends based on Yelp reviews.  The owner is very nice, and most likely a great stylist.  My experience is with Amy.  She's relatively new, so I don't want to taint the other hairdressers, just Amy.  I went in saying, if you cut it too short, that's OK, hair grows.  I said if you don't cut it enough, I'll just come back sooner.  I guess I should have added, it's NOT ok to cut my hair crooked.  I have about an inch difference in the front part of my hair.  Even when I came home, I had to have my son cut some hair in back that I guess was "forgotten".  I specifically said I wore my hair in a bob that went under.  She dried my hair flipping up, and when I said I don't wear it like that, she told me that's the way it dried.  I always thought hairdressers dried your hair the way you wanted, or curled it under.Anyway, after about 3-4 weeks, I'm done trying to work with this haircut.  I'm going today to get it re-cut.  Obviously I'm NOT returning to Amy, and at this time, not to Legends.  Sorry ladies, but I didn't think I had to tell a hairdresser not to cut my hair crooked.

Meg B. rated it

Austin, TX

8/9/2012: Wow what to say about this place. First off it's so amazing. All of the ladies there rock and are so knowledgeable! Service is A+. They text you a reminder of your hair appointment! My personal hair stylist is KAREN SIMMONS! Talk about one amazing lady. She is a wizard of color from subtle to bold & bright. She helped me take my fried, drab hair and then it into soft and luxurious! I cannot recommend Karen enough. If you're in the Austin area it's worth the short drive to Round Rock for the best hair ever!

ReBecca L. rated it

Austin, TX

4/1/2014: I found Legends Salon in Round Rock on Yelp and made an appointment with Laura Davis. They could get me in the next day. She was friendly without being invasive and the girls in the salon seemed to have a good chemistry. The prices are on the website and posted on the wall- which I appreciate. I like to know what I am getting myself into ahead of time and hate to overpay. I got my long hair trimmed and half highlights. The blonde looks good, not too yellow or brassy, so that is a huge plus. She didn't skimp either. I hate leaving the salon feeling like I didn't get my money's worth. I will definitely go back to Laura. They gave me I think $15 off because it was my first visit. Total cost, before tip, was $109. I think that is completely fair for the service and results I got. Thank you Laura!

Lara R. rated it

Santa Rosa, CA

11/29/2012: Lauren did my hair color and cut today. I haven't done color in years mainly because I haven't trust anybody to so a good job. I've been wanting to try the ombré style for months. Lauren NAILED the color (I am a brunette and did not want to tacky blonde tips) and style I was trying to achieve (caramel ombré). I was so impressed with the results I was jumping up and down with joy :) my hair looks AMAZING and my husband loved it too! Thanks Lauren!!!

Haley L. rated it

Austin, TX

4/11/2013: I hope everyone reads this review because I just love Legends Salon! Not only is the atmosphere great and the people amazing, but I discovered Karen through her Facebook page and I am so incredibly happy that I did! I'm such a lazy person when it comes to my hair, yet get incredibly nervous when I have it cut or colored. In other words, I rarely get my hair done, and when I do, I nervously and miserably fidget the whole time. Karen changed all that for me - she not only is the most talented hairstylist I've ever encountered, but she also is the most enjoyable person. I look forward to our appointments (she is the greatest listener when it comes to both hair preferences and life in general, by the way) and this lazy, hair-hating girl now gets monthly appointments with Karen. Book her today for some great conversation and amazing hair! I cannot say enough good things. So glad I found you, K!

J P. rated it

Austin, TX

10/11/2011: My fiancé went in today for a first time visit.  She came out looking awesome.  She really enjoyed her visit.  She had nothing but great things to say about the place and how well her stylist Linnea preformed.