Indulge Nails and Spa

Round Rock, TX 512-863-9991      10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Phone: 512-863-9991
Address: 250 University Blvd Round Rock, TX 78665 (Google Map)

Indulge Nails and Spa Description

Indulge Nails and Spa is a nail salon located at 250 University Blvd in Round Rock, TX. It has a 3 star rating.

Indulge Nails and Spa Hours

  • Sun  10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Mon  10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Tue  10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Wed  10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Thu  10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Fri  10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Sat  12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Indulge Nails and Spa Amenities

  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
  • Parking : Valet, Street, Validated
  • Bike Parking : Yes
  • By Appointment Only : No

Indulge Nails and Spa Reviews

Lisa H. rated it

Round Rock, TX

3/5/2015: I needed my acrylic nails taken off and I was right next door at HEB so I decided to stop by. I had never been and I was skeptical because I seem to have the worst luck when getting my nails done. When I walked in I noticed how clean it was and I really liked the set up, you sign in and have a seat until a nail tech is open. There is also a wall up so you don't have to wait and watch everyone elts getting their nails done. Another thing I was impressed with was that they had a very sweet lady that works the front desk and also greets you (she was also walking around the whole time checking on all the nail techs to make sure they had everything and didn't need help which I thought was not only helpful but sweet as well). I didn't have to wait long at all to be seated. My nail tech was named Mia and she was the BEST I have ever had! She took her time and was a complete perfectionist. She took my acrylics off and gave me a shellac far the most perfect manicure I have ever had. From now on I will always go here and ask for Mia!!!!

Kaylie Y. rated it

Round Rock, TX

1/10/2015: I went here after a coworker had mentioned they did a good job on eye brow waxing. While this is true, I have never been more disgusted at a salon. The guy who waxed my eye brows is a smoke and his fingers smelled incredibly disgusting. I was trying so hard not to inhale when his hands were in my face. After going here and I heard another coworker went here to get her eyebrows waxed and she complained of the same disgusting smell! We can't be the only ones to have noticed this. Also, this was my first time here. When I walked in I wasn't nicely greeted but rather asked what I was there for. When I told him he said to go on back. Which was some where way at the back of the salon. I was confused as to where I was suppose to go and the person seemed very irritated that I asked for clarification. I will not be going back. It's a shame. With more professionalism and clean smelling hands this would have been a great place close by me.

Shelly C. rated it

Round Rock, TX

11/6/2014: Pros: Nice looking inside and they use clean tools. Cons: My shellac chipped in a few days. Also lots of shellac color all over my cuticles. I asked the man to fix it and he refused. He said don't worrie it will come off when you wash your hands. I also told the manager and he said it looks fine and doesn't see what I'm talking about. The very dark purple shellac never came off my cuticles. I have washed and washed and it's still there. I paid $60.00 for a shellac mani and a regular pedi. I have to say after giving these people a 2nd chance, I will never come back.

Holly O. rated it

Fairfield, CA

12/31/2014: The employees seem to be very rushed here... The manager (I'm assuming that's who he was) seemed to try to put appointments where there was no time or room. Which caused the employees to feel rushed.. Seems like an okay place, just with a dictator of manager or owner. Before I left they checked my nails to see if they were dried in which they weren't and I asked if they were going to fix the it since they ran their finger through wet polish and was told no

Lara L. rated it

Austin, TX

9/27/2014: I had a horrible experience here. I asked for a shellac overlay. The overlay was good, however the person completing my nails painted shellac all over my nails... All over my cuticles. Then they took a file to fix the shellac on my cuticles. Instead of taking off the paint they cut all my cuticles- Made them bleed. I do not recommend!!

Melanie C. rated it

Goleta, CA

12/30/2014: I came in today for a much needed pedicure! The staff was friendly and I loved how many pedicure chairs they had available. We were able to get in with a short wait. Overall pleased with my pedicure.

Emily G. rated it

Round Rock, TX

3/14/2014: The place is clean, lots of nail techs but our afternoon here was just okay nothing to rave about. My companions also didnt like how everyone else was offered a drink except for them. The nail techs rent their seat on the nail salon and that may be the reason why they dont feel the need to be nice to everyone else other than who they are servicing. Bad practice IMO.

JoAna R. rated it

Killeen, TX

6/26/2014: I did not enjoy my experience here. I went right after work for my scheduled 5 pm pedicure appointment. As a first time customer, the customer service and care was just not there. There was no one at their front desk to direct me on where there colors were or where to sit. I got sort of directed to the colors to pick one and then was waved over to a chair. The lady that did my pedicure was in a obvious rush. She did a fine job, nothing amazing but good enough. It was when I asked her if I could go ahead and have a manicure as well (I figured what the hey, I'm going on vacation) that it became a very uncomforatable experience. She was obviously rushing, visibly upset and frustrated. My first manicure ever was very awkard. After she finished my manicure, she almost dropped my phone when she set it down in a rush. I just wanted to get out of there at that point, so I got up before the drying fan finished. When asked how the service was at the front counter, I let them know it was less than pleasant. The guy gave me a five dollar discount and instructed me to ask for him next time. The problem is, shouldn't everyone in that salon focus on providing a pleasant customer experience? He shouldn't have to act as a buffer for rude service. I doubt that I will ever return here. Shame since its so close to my job and they are clean from what I could tell.

Ashley M. rated it

Lewis Center, OH

8/11/2014: Usually love this place and they do great work, but my most recent experience was disappointing because of how the staff was. I do not like feeling like people are talking about me and when I asked for nail art with my pedicure that's exactly what happened. My tech needed a guys help with the art and when he finished and I said thank you he just walked off with a rude demeanor.

Miss O. rated it

Round Rock, TX

9/5/2014: I go there every other week to get a Gel Manicure- shellac. Today was the worst experience I've had with this salon. I decided to do an Ombre color on my nails because the technician suggested it. The colors turned out good but when I noticed I had SEVERAL bubbles which were very noticeable in the paint the tech got very upset and got up and didn't want to fix my nails and told me I still have to pay the $40. As I went to pay I told the gentleman that I don't think I should have to pay for the nails job or how I was treated since I was unhappy. He said sorry maybe $10 off next time. I will never return to this place. If I could give no stars I would!

gwen s. rated it

Dallas, TX

5/4/2014: I had a deluxe pedicure and it was great! Very clean and wonderful customer service! I will be back to try other services very soon! Highly recommend this place!!

Baxter B. rated it

Round Rock, TX

7/9/2014: Several years ago I went to this salon and had a not so great experience. Was going to a wedding a few weeks ago and thought I would give them another try. Lady did a great job only this time I came home with athletes feet on one toe. Plus the "shave down" was so low that after a few days my feet ached and I could barely walk. I will not go back.

Adam B. rated it

Cedar Park, TX

9/11/2014: We take our two 3 and 4 year old daughters here to get their nails done for a special treat from time to time. The staff is always so patient and sweet to the kiddos and my wife enjoys their service as well. These guys are great!!

Patty K. rated it

Round Rock, TX

5/7/2014: Great place to get a pedicure! Very clean and everyone was friendly! I will be back!

Amber F. rated it

Round Rock, TX

5/4/2014: Great service, friendly staff, nice facility. Love it!

megan p. rated it

Austin, TX

7/13/2014: I went into this salon for a mani/pedi. The salon is very clean, and they use sterile nail equipment. They also wear gloves when giving pedicures and line the tub. Overall, the salon is very well kept and clean. I had a gentleman (there are mostly men working there) do my nails. They turned out TERRIBLE!! My cuticles were a mess, and the polish was all over! He also cut my finger while clipping my cuticle. It honestly looked like a 5 year old painted my nails. When I pointed out to him that they were messy, he slammed the polish down! He "fixed" them, and they just looked worse. Does this guy even know how to do nails?! I couldn't believe it! The entire experience was awful. When checking out I asked for a manager. The man doing my nails said they didn't have one, but when I asked someone else a man came over to take care of me. He offered to have them redone, but at that point I wanted run out if there. While I explained my situation, the man who did my nails stood over me. I was SO uncomfortable!! After getting home I called the salon and again was offered to have them fixed. I went in the next day and Carla redid my mani/pedi. They look amazing. She speaks English, was very personable, and did an awesome job. I won't let one bad experience keep me from the salon (after all, it is VERY clean). I will go back, but only to see Carla. It's a shame all the techs don't provide good service. For $60 you should expect to at least have the polish applied properly. Be careful who you let work on your nails!